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Mountainside Hospital, founded in 1891, is your local community neighborhood hospital.

Home to a School of Nursing, we are one of five New Jersey hospitals approved to provide emergency angioplasty in a community hospital setting and one of only a few hospital emergency rooms in the state to offer physician triage.

We offer treatment at several specialized care centers, including our comprehensive Cancer Center, Chronic Renal Dialysis Center, Congestive Heart Failure Center and the Richard F. Harries Ambulatory Care Pavilion.

Mountainside Hospital is a clinical affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School.

Mountainside Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO).

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"The hospital is a necessity, it is urgently needed and we heartily endorse it. It deserves the support of the community as a duty which we owe to our ...neighbors."
- Message proclaimed in 1891 by the Founders of Mountainside Hospital

Margaret Jane Merewether Power was a preacher’s daughter who came to Montclair in 1874 with her husband from England. On a summer day in 1890 she encountered a small child who had fallen from a third story window, and was in need of serious medical attention. Upset at the fact that there was no nearby health care facility, Mrs. Power called upon other ladies in her social circle, and vowed to work toward a solution to the problem.  Hence, Mountainside Hospital was born.

In 1891 the three-story cottage of widow Eliza Sheridan was purchased and prepared to care for patients. Dr. John J.H. Love was named the first President of the Medical and Surgical Staff, and Mountainside began its mission of “caring for, curing and nurturing the sick and injured.”

Today, 114 years later, Mountainside Hospital is still carrying out that mission.

At the first planning meeting back in 1890, Mrs. Power and her committee believed it was “now practicable to found a small surgical and emergency hospital here.” They recommended “a building of six to twelve beds, an accident room and an operating room; and there should also be a small training school or depot for nurses.”

We've come a long way, Mrs. Power.


Medical Staff Officers for 2009

President: Theresa Soroko, M.D. (09, 10)

Vice President: Konstantin Walmsley, M.D. (09, 10)

Secretary: Karl W. Strom, M.D. (09, 10)

Treasurer: Kenneth P. Miller (09, 10)


Medical Executive Committee 2009

Theresa Soroko, M.D.

Konstantin Walmsley, M.D.    
Karl Strom, M.D.    
Kenneth P. Miller, M.D.    
Robert Gorman, M.D., Chair, Family Medicine    
Ruth Wong-Liang, M.D., Chair, Department of Medicine     
Paul LoVerme, M.D., Chair, Department of Surgery    
Members at Large
Member Alternate  
Barry DiBernardo, M.D. (07, 08, 09)    Mark Chase, M.D. (07, 08, 09)  
Kevin McCoach, MD (07, 08, 09) James Saidi, MD (07, 08, 09)  
Michelle Nitti, D.O. (07, 08, 09) Jack Dadaian, M.D. (07, 08, 09)  
Ex-Officio Members

John A. Fromhold, FACHE
President and CEO

Bonnie Michaels, RN, MA, CNAA-BC, FACHE
Vice President and CNO

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