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Medical Students

Mountainside Family Practice currently offers three different rotations for third- and fourth-year medical students.

As a third-year medical student, you may participate in either a six-week core clerkship or a four-week ambulatory care elective rotation. The six-week clerkship is designed to introduce you to the specialty of Family Medicine and enable you to establish a strong clinical knowledge base in primary care. The four-week rotation is for students with a strong interest in pursuing Family Medicine and allows you more independence in the management of your time.

During both of these rotations you will work under the supervision of our outstanding faculty at our Family Practice Center. You will be able to see patients of all age groups and interview, examine, and develop care plans for them. You will become comfortable with acute and chronic care of multiple medical problems and will become competent with the practice of preventive medicine. You are also an integral participant in our community medicine program. Each week you will make home visits with one of our physicians; work as the primary care provider at one of the local Assisted Living Programs; work at a local college health center, and provide continuity care at our prenatal clinic. Additionally, you will be trained in various office procedures including minor surgeries, cryotherapy, endometrial biopsies and colposcopies.

We offer fourth-year students a four-week Acting Internship, which is primarily a hospital-based rotation. This gives you the opportunity to function as a first-year resident on either the medical floors of Mountainside Hospital or in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. You work as part of the team and will manage your own patients under the supervision of a senior resident and the Family Medicine Attending.

Another opportunity for fourth-year students is an independent ambulatory care elective, which the student designs under the guidance of one of our attendings.


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