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Welcome from the Department of Family Medicine Chair

Change is the only thing that remains constant. In a time when medicine is advancing at such a rapid pace, Family Medicine training must teach the basic fundamentals, and at the same time teach skills that allow residents to thrive in a constantly changing health care environment. Through personalized instruction and hands on experience, Mountainside Family Practice Associates (MFPA) teaches its residents these necessary skills to become outstanding Family Practice Physicians.

At MFPA, residents are exposed to a comprehensive primary care setting that treats a wide variety of populations and diseases. Multiple skill sets are stressed, including solid medical knowledge, evidence based medicine, interpersonal communications, medical informatics, clinical research and real-world practice management.

MFPA recognizes that an important part of being a Family Physician is demonstrating a strong commitment to the communities we live and work in. MFPA maintains a strong community health program through its resident participation in health screening, community- and school-based education programs, and medical services at local nursing homes, universities and schools.

Residents at MFPA work together as a close-knit group that support each other through the learning process. They also actively participate in the management and development of their individualized educational program and the continued growth and advancement of MFPA.

So, as you can see it is an exciting time for Family Medicine. As Chairman of the Family Medicine Department at Mountainside Hospital, I am proud to be involved in preparing residents for the medicine of today. Welcome

Richard Cirello, M.D.
Director, Family Medicine Residency Program


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