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The Mountainside Hospital Cancer Center

Having cancer is a powerful life event, affecting everything from your work and relationships to your appearance and self-esteem. The Mountainside Hospital Cancer Center is here to help. From innovative therapies and advanced diagnostics to minimally invasive surgery and the latest in radiation therapy, we provide everything you need in one convenient location.

At the Mountainside Hospital Cancer Center, we do more than just treat cancer — we also ease minds, educate families and renew hope. Together we'll fight your cancer, restore your confidence and meet any other challenges along the way. Basically, we'll treat the whole you, not just your cancer.

And because we want you to be as comfortable as possible, all our outpatient and support services are housed in one modern treatment facility. We also make sure that our board-certified medical experts are in one central location, giving them easy access to you, each other, and all of the resources they need.

Follow the links below to learn more about the programs and services available to you and your family:

Mountainside Hospital is accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Radiology, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and the College of American Pathologists.

The Cancer Center is affiliated with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.


Diagnostic Services

As our patient, you have access to the latest technologies that provide the most accurate diagnosis and staging of your cancer. You’ll find our approach to diagnosis and treatment very refreshing, because we put you in control. Once we evaluate the extent of your condition, we explain our findings to you in a clear and simple manner. Then we describe all your treatment options, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or any combination of these, and let you decide how to proceed.

The Mountainside Hospital Cancer Center uses the following tools to diagnose and monitor different types of cancers:

  • ET/CT Scan: hybrid, noninvasive scanning device that allows radiologists to pinpoint the location of tumors, nodules and other abnormal tissue.
  • MRI: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) detects cancer in the brain, spinal cord or in the muscular soft tissue.
  • Digital Mammography: detects small cancers of the breast before they can be felt on physical examination.
  • Ultrasound: evaluates breast abnormalities by revealing information about the shape, texture, and composition of tumors and cysts.
  • Nuclear Medicine: provides unique information about both the structure and the function of major organ systems within the body.
  • Mammotome Breast Biopsy: a unique device that enables physicians to obtain the correct amount of breast tissue for a definitive diagnosis – without surgery, and with only a local anesthetic.
  • Pathology: board-certified pathologists work with surgeons during and after surgery to analyze tissue in order to detect malignancies.



If cancer treatment is necessary, you can take comfort in knowing our doctors are highly skilled in the latest surgical techniques. In addition, we offer a variety of non-surgical cancer therapies to reverse cancer growth while preserving healthy tissue.



Whether you’re interested in image enhancement or a support group, or simply want to do some research about your diagnosis, we can help. The Mountainside Hospital Cancer Center offers a wide range of support services that not only enhance your medical care, but also help you and your family cope with cancer.

Support Groups
Our professionally led support groups are a great way to get emotional support and advice. Plus, you and your loved ones can meet other individuals who are going through similar challenges.

Educational Programs
Come to one of our educational programs and learn about your diagnosis as well as your treatment and the possible side effects.

  • Look Good, Feel Better Program: free program helps women who are undergoing cancer treatment deal with appearance-related side effects. Program teaches make-up application and skin care techniques, as well as wig and hair care accessory demonstrations. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society; Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association; and National Cosmetology Association.
  • Living With Cancer: a support group for individuals undergoing treatment and their significant others. There are structured sessions with speakers covering topics such as dealing with treatment, family role dynamics, nutrition, and coping with physical changes, and open discussion forums.
  • Us Too: free prostate cancer support group led by cancer survivors and open to the public, featuring small group discussions organized according to treatment type.
  • Prostatectomy Pre-operative Class: discussion about what to expect before and after prostate surgery, as well as the support services available during treatment. Men are encouraged to attend with a spouse/partner.

Social Work Services
At any time during your treatment, one of our social workers with specialized expertise in oncology can assist you and your family with any non-medical problems related to your diagnosis, treatment or hospitalization. You can rely on us to clear up any issues regarding community or health care resources, work-related issues, financial assistance, home care needs or hospice care. And you can even meet privately with a counselor to address any fears, anxieties or depression that you may be experiencing.

Cancer Resource Room
We encourage you and your family to take advantage of our multimedia Cancer Resource Room. Whether you wish to borrow or just browse, our resource room is a free service that offers current information on all types of cancer, treatments, and support services.

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  • Internet access
  • Audiotapes

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