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Dealing with a chronic non-healing wound is frustrating and time-consuming— keeping 3 to 5 million Americans from enjoying their favorite activities or performing simple daily routines like walking the dog. Mountainside Wound Care Center is there to help.

Our team includes physicians with advanced training in wound management as well as nurses skilled in chronic wound care. After an evaluation of your condition and medical history, we work with your doctor to develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

Most of our patients recover after only a few months of regular visits to our center and benefit from:

  • Quick recovery
  • Less hospitalization
  • Prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability
  • Decreased risk of limb amputation, for severe wounds

In addition to keeping your doctor updated on your progress, we provide you and your caregiver, if appropriate, instructions on caring for your wound from home. You learn how to change bandages, protect the wound from further injury and may be advised of nutrition and exercise that aid healing and prevent recurrence. Should you become homebound and unable to visit our center, click here to learn more about our Home Care service.


Symptoms of Chronic Wounds
Nonhealing wounds can result from diabetes, immobilization, poor circulation, pressure or other conditions and may resist healing due to infection and anemia or use of steroids, aging, smoking and obesity.

If you have a sore or wound that hasn't significantly improved in a month, healed entirely in two months, or shows any of the following warning signs, call us.

  • Redness, warmth and pain
  • Increased drainage
  • Tender, dark swelling

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (973) 429-6988.

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